• Castillo Advocats is synonymous with closeness and individualized advice for the client, whose mission is guided by the needs and interests of the clients and permanent and continuous advice, by the master guidelines of the team that makes up this firm, with the sole objective that the client is at all times aware of the procedural moment in which we are and its meaning and consequences.
  • This office stands as a place where clients can explain their fears and concerns, without fear and with total confidentiality, being able to find a solution, in order to protect their interests and assert their rights.
  • It is not “the office”, but “YOUR office”, each person makes it their own and gives it their personal touch.
  • It is an office that is based on continuous feedback between counsel and defendant, between lawyer and client, and ultimately, between person and person.
On the other hand, the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE) understands the concept of “lawyer” as follows:

<<lawyer, give

From lat. advocātus.

1. m. and f. Graduate in law who professionally offers legal advice and who exercises the defense of the parties in legal proceedings or administrative proceedings.

2. m. and f. Intercessor or mediator.

3. m. and f. Intercessor or mediator.>>

Although the first meaning is important, to exercise defense in judicial processes, this firm is incardinated to a greater extent in the second meaning of the term, establishing itself as a mediator that is incorporated into the relations

between two opposing parties, in order to achieve a good agreement of both, leaving the judicial route as the last ratio, since “a lawyer is more useful than going to trial, it is useful not to go to him”, although it is true that sometimes, there is no other remedy.